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There was never any doubt in Seth C. Bournival’s mind that his future would be working with wood. From an early age, Seth was by his father’s side honing his craft helping to build timber-frame houses, cabinets, wooden boats, and furniture while learning all about restoration. In the process, he fell in love with the natural rich beauty of wood grain. Always learning and pushing new boundaries, his father taught Seth to think outside of the box and to view each situation as a unique circumstance which is the essence of creating truly beautiful custom woodwork. At age 10, Seth built his first cabinet which was soon followed by a suite of custom furniture for his bedroom. By 15, he was working along side his father as a paid employee.

In 2000, he opened his own business — currently located in Thomaston, Maine — to continue the meticulous craftsmanship instilled in him by his father years before. Every project, from design to crafting the finest quality cabinets and furniture, to installation of the finished product, is given Seth’s full attention. Each project is viewed, designed, and constructed to fill a specific purpose that is illuminated by each client’s vision.

Seth has always believed in sustainability and promoting healthy forest management. When building his house, trees harvested to make way for its foundation, were used to build his kitchen cabinets as well as flooring and trim. A practice that he has shared with many of his clients. For the health of the environment, his customers, and his crew, Seth prefers to craft his furniture and cabinets from sustainably grown and locally sourced lumber, finished with low VOC, eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, there are times when this isn’t practicable, yet he remains as committed to this pursuit as possible.

Whether you already have architectural plans to share or need help designing and implementing your project, Seth has the skill and equipment to help you achieve your vision. Like his father before him, Seth is always ready to think outside of the box and to push the limits of what can be. You might say that craftmanship runs deep in his veins.

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